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Client Negotiation Specialist

Client Negotiation Specialist

  • Job Title: Deal Coordinator
  • Location: Remote
  • Job Type: Full-Time, 4-Day Work Week
  • Salary: $72k

The single most important thing that Delivrd focuses on is strong customer service.  We are not just saying that, we invest in it.  This position is reverse sales.  Our clients buy cars, our job is to reach out to dealerships and get them the best deal.  90% of all the work we do is handled through text or email.

We are fully remote with a 4 day work week because we believe in the value of a proper work life balance.  Check out our Tiktok if you want to see what we are about.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Clear, articulate communicator with a confident phone presence, essential for persuasive negotiations
  • Research and communicate with car dealerships through text and email primarily.
  • Directly interact with clients, assisting with tasks like setting up test drives and addressing queries.
  • Utilize CRM tools (Notion and Airtable) to manage client interactions and transactions effectively.
  • Confident video communication with loom or live Zoom.
  • Adapt to individual client needs, offering personalized and thoughtful solutions.
  • Collaborate with our team to innovate and enhance our services continuously.

Who You Are:

  • We live and die by processes, and are looking for someone who thrives in a “process first environment”.
  • Know how to write “good” ;) (Seriously, strong communication through writing is critical)
  • We are remote and use lots of digital tools, you have to have a strong digital background.
  • Customer before profits. We mean that.
  • Strong time management and can confidently self prioritize your day.
  • Looking for a solid colleague who values work-life balance

What We Offer:

  • Starting salary $72k
  • 10 Flex PTO Days After 90 days (Use these days for anything)
  • A flexible 4-day work week, promoting work-life balance.
  • A fully remote role, offering the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Depending on our client’s time zones, we may work 8-4 or 10-6.  They will always be scheduled, never a surprise.
  • Small team environment
  • Strong focus on continuing education

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