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Unrivaled Car Buying Experience by Delivrd.

Your Personal Car Buying Advocate – No More Wasted Time or Pushy Dealerships

A seamless, enjoyable car buying experience tailored to your busy lifestyle

Buyer Advocacy

Protecting clients from high-pressure sales tactics by acting as a trusted liaison between dealerships and buyers, ensuring a transparent and comfortable car buying experience.

Remote Convenience

Streamlining the car buying process with remote paperwork signing and personalized test drive delivery, making it easier than ever to find and own your ideal vehicle.

Expert Car Negotiation

Leveraging years of industry experience to secure the best possible deal on your dream car, ensuring you drive away with a smile and confidence in your purchase

Hear from our satisfied clients

"Tomi is so knowledgeable about all things in the car industry... He helped us navigate through this entire process, and we literally couldn't have done it without him."


March 6, 2024

"I got to enjoy the fun of actually getting my car...Without the hassle of uncomfortable negotiations with dealers"


February 4, 2024

“My experience with Tomi was life changing...All from the comfort of my very own home”


August 2023

“Tomi brought to my attention all the deals in my local area... He even brought all the test drives to my house which was very convenient."


August 2023

“My experience with Delivrd went above & beyond my expectations."


april 2023

“We found Delivrd shopping for our very first car & so glad we did. Tomi found the perfect car for us & our needs while saving us time & money."

joe & trish

March  2023

How does Delivrd's car buying service work?

Delivrd streamlines the car buying process by providing personalized vehicle search, expert negotiation, and convenient services like remote paperwork and test drive delivery, all while prioritizing your best interests without dealership affiliations or kickbacks.

How long does the car buying process take with Delivrd?

Experience a tailored car buying journey with Delivrd, where our flexible approach allows us to work at your desired pace, ensuring a perfect balance between speed and satisfaction

Can Delivrd help me purchase a car from out-of-state dealerships?

I can help you buy a car from out-of-state dealerships by skillfully handling negotiations, paperwork, and logistics for a seamless and stress-free experience

Does Delivrd offer assistance with trade-ins?

Yes, I expertly assists with trade-ins, utilizing our extensive market knowledge to determine the true value of your vehicle, turning it into a powerful negotiating tool for your new car purchase

Are you ready to discover a better way to buy your next vehicle?

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